The Founders

As a professional athlete with different hobbies as a DJ or as a fashion addict Leor came to live.

Being an athlete and going to training everyday made me think a lot about my outfits, ‘’I don’t want to go overdressed, but I still want to look presentable and comfortable.’’ I thought about mixing my sports and my style with an athleisure x streetwear brand that is comfortable yet presentable. I want to be able to do a little work-out, grab a cup of coffee on the go and still be presentable and comfortable.

With my sister being a fashion student and fashion lover herself she convinced me to go on with this dream.  About a year ago we officially started, the best decision we ever made.

‘’There’s nothing better than working on what you love most but even better working together with my brother.’’ It’s always been a dream of mine to start a clothing brand. Becoming a fashion influencer, I had set this dream on hold to focus on showing people how I dress up or how I dare to mix colors or pieces together. When my brother came to me with this idea it was like somebody was giving me my dreams right in my hands.  Off course we are going to do this!

Athleisure x Streetwear is the best mix that describe both our styles. Off course athleisure was born with Jurgen being a professional athlete. He needs comfy clothes for sports and lounge at the same time.

Fashionable and Functional that's the key.


-   Jurgen Locadia and Chrystal Locadia

About us

As self-taught designers and founders, we established the brand with comfort being our priority. Each collection provides high quality, stylish and timeless designs.

Every piece has a bit of Athleisure in it and a bit of Streetwear, this is how we wanted to bring our vision back to you. It’s all about being comfortable in your daily lounge wear or during your soft work-out.

We will be known for the small details and our earthy modern color palette and with the authentic, versatile styles you can wear us effortlessly.

Even though each collection has a new color palette, our fit, textures and looks are designed to complement collection after collection and mix and match.